• Dr. Amrita Dass
    • Kavita Dass
    • Kirron Kanjani

    Captions and Tag Lines

    • Dr. Amrita Dass
    • Kirron Kanjani

    Special Mention

    • Rohina Dass for Theme selection and Colour combinations
    • Kirron Kanjani (Time Management, Memory Bytes and Self Esteem) and Rohina Dass (Empower your words) for designing flash movies
    • Shagun Mathur for editing and proof reading
    • ICS Knowledge Management Team for their contribution to articles and feedback about the design layout.

    ICS Knowledge Team

    • Nupur Wali
    • Dr. Ashutosh Bhadauria
    • Dr. Vandana Gupta

    Technical Advisor

    • Anuj Kakkar