Personality Development And Mentorship Programmes

Personality Development And Mentorship Programmes

The Mentorship Programme for Personality Enhancement at ICS aims at holistic personality enhancement and academic excellence for all ages covering students, adolescents, adults and professionals.

The unique one-to-one series of personalized mentoring sessions, customized as per the needs of the mentee are designed to help the individual in self-realization and self-actualization. The mentee is thus empowered and motivated to attain his/her full potential in achieving professional and life goals with a sense of well-being and happiness.

The Mentorship sessions include:

For Students

§  Positive Attitude and Self-esteem

§  Self-confidence and Self-image

§  Emotional Intelligence

§  Dealing with Depression, Stress and Anxiety

§  Health, Diet and Wellbeing

§  Behavioural Problems

§  Time Management, Organizational Skills, Goal setting

§  Study  Skill  Techniques

§  Memory, Focus, Concentration

§  Effective Communication  Skills

§  Group Discussions

§  Personal Interview Skills

§  Etiquette

§  Body Language

Benefits of mentoring:

§  Enhanced Self- awareness

§  Fresh perspective on life

§  Improved Morale

§  Increased feelings of Self-worth

§  Optimal performance

For Parents

§  Effective Parenting Skills

§  Positive Parenting

§  Enhancing Parent - child Relationship

§  Behavioral Change