Air Traffic Controller

What is air traffic control ?

“Cleared to land runway Two Seven, wind Two Nine Zero degrees One two knots.”

The soft and relaxed voice from the ground has a soothing effect on the pilot who completes his tiring journey by making a successful landing. It’s a wonder for many, how an aircraft reaches its final destination, and who are the people involved in the process of safe flight and landing. We know about the pilot, but much less about those who remain behind the screen and shoulder the responsibility of guiding the flights from the starting of an engine at the departure aerodrome to its landing destination.

Aviation has come a long way since the days when the safe operation of an aircraft was based purely on the ‘See and be seen” principle. With the aircraft closing speeds in excess of 1000 mph, and increasing density of air traffic, the impracticability of reliance upon such a system is obvious.

The need to safeguard passengers, crew and aircraft is now met by...

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Airline Management

What is Airline Management ?

According to recent forecasts released by Airports Council International (ACI), over the next 15 years, global air passenger traffic will grow by over 4% per annum. This means that by 2020 about 7 billion people will be using the world’s airports and airlines, and, with freight traffic growing at an even greater rate of around 5.1% per annum, reaching some 170 million tons in 2020, it is clear that greater airport capacity is a precondition for achieving the forecast growth. Spending on new airport technologies is increasing, driven not only by the need to cater for growing consumer demand, but also by the need to reduce congestion and improve passenger throughput, safety and security.

The key issues facing today’s airlines are optimization, improved capacity, cost savings and the ability to react quickly to changes. The portfolio of solutions for airline planning and control ranges from network planning, code share handling and crew management, to pricing, price distribution and revenue management. The portfolio is rounded out by business intelligence services, marketing and sales solutions, and consulting.


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Aviation Law

What is Aviation Law ?

In January 2007, an Adam Air Boeing 737 plunged into the sea in central Indonesia in stormy weather after issuing distress signals. All 102 people on board were killed. Families whose loved ones died or were injured in airplane or helicopter accidents were advised to contact an aviation lawyer. It is critical to act expeditiously after an aircraft accident! If someone you love has been injured or killed in an aviation accident, the most reliable resource available to you is a qualified, experienced aviation attorney.

Would you like to acquire an understanding of aviation law and its application to your business ? Are you interested in exploring regulatory issues related to airlines, civil aviation, airport administrations and air navigation services ? If so, then Aviation Law could be the field for you.

Aviation law is the branch of law that concerns flight, air travel, and associated legal and business concerns. Some of its area of concern overlaps that of admiralty law and in many cases, aviation law is considered a matter of international law due to the...

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What is Avionics ?

On a cold and windy morning in 1903, two brothers with a shared passion for technological innovation literally flew out of obscurity to international attention. On December 17th, they flew the world’s first powered airplane. Their experiments eventually led to the world’s first flying machine, but the accomplishment didn’t happen in a vacuum. The early 1900s was a ripe time for such an invention. Aerodynamics, structural engineering, engine design and fuel technology had all reached a stage of development where they could all be brought together to produce a practical flying machine.

Next to the purchase of an aircraft itself, avionics can be one of the larger expenditures involved in owning an aircraft. Avionics comes from the term “aviation electronics”, and therefore implies only aircraft electronics. Avionics is a provider of a wide range of avionics technologies from cockpit displays to inflight entertainment systems. However, this term is now used universally for electronics in aircraft (civil and military), general aviation and business aircraft, helicopters, and spacecraft. However, for non-aircraft avionics, it is common to put the modifier...

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Cabin Crew

What is Cabin Crew ?

“It’s a lot of fun .. but there’s plenty of hard work involved and you must be prepared to work very unsociable hours. However, it’s also a rewarding career. I enjoy working as cabin crew as every day is different and the job is a constant challenge. You get to meet people from all walks of life and work alongside a variety of warm, fun loving colleagues. We provide the best possible service to our passengers, whilst making their travel and our working day a safe, happy and pleasant experience!” comments a cabin crew member of one of the major airlines.

It’s the age of the jumbo and the jet-set. Everybody seems to fly these days; from the statesman winging his way to another crisis meeting, to the family next door taking their annual holiday in Spain or some other spot in the sun. They fly in aircraft in which a high standard of safety and service are first priorities. Among those helping to provide service are the stewards / stewardesses, who combine the...

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Commercial Pilot

What is a commercial pilot ?

Love to fly ? If you are physically fit, unafraid of heights, have sharp reflexes, and think you’re born to fly, consider a career as an airline pilot…and dream on! Here’s what it is like to land a job as a commercial airline pilot

The job of commercial pilot is the most glamorous and exciting job in aviation. It is highly rated and one of the most adventurous careers which requires intensive training. This profession also demands a lot of time, dedication, patience and sacrifice. A career in aviation attracts many youngsters as it provide opportunity to travel around the globe. It is a lucrative field, however. a commercial pilot carries great responsibility for the aircraft he flies and the lives of his passengers.

This is a highly specialised job which requires knowledge of air navigation, interpretation of meteorological reports, operations of sophisticated electronic and mechanical controls, leading the aircraft under adverse circumstances, and being a leader to the flight crew and passengers under climatic and other emergency situations.

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