Marine Sciences

Marine/ Maritime Law

What is Marine Law ?

In early September 2008, a foreign oil tanker MT Stolt Valor was hijacked by pirates with 18 Indians aboard from the Gulf of Aden. The Indian Navy in return asked the defence ministry for authorisation to take necessary steps which could include the use of force against pirates to protect ships in international waters beyond our territory. In such a situation, Maritime law would have to be involved.


Shipping is perhaps the most international of all the world’s greatest industries and one of the most challenging. Maritime law or Admiralty Law is the branch of international law that deals with territorial and international waters, with shipping or with ocean fishery etc. This branch of law also relates to the affairs of the sea, such as seamen, ships, shipping, navigation etc.

What do I have to do ?

As a Maritime lawyer, you  specialize in maritime law, the law that applies to boats, ships, seamen, longshoremen, yacht brokers, marine...

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Port Management

What is Port Management ?

Imagine a busy seaport terminal. Container ships are carrying steel, automobiles, computer products, food items, and apparel. Several cranes lift the heavy containers into the ship. The logistics are important. There are about 10 loading bays. Seaport workers load the vessel and maintain tight control over inventories and scan individual containers for radiation, ensuring that no unauthorized material leaves the docks.

Ports are the conduits for trade and are vital in any nation that depends on shipping for importing and exporting cargoes and passengers. To the uninitiated, ports may appear to be old fashioned institutions of a bygone era, whereas they are dynamic facilities constantly seeking to meet the changing demands in world trade. Managing ports today is a highly complex business and involves a wide range of skills including material handling; road transport; storage; safe ship operations; health and safety as well as the immense responsibility for the protection of the local environment.

The core modules of Port Management are designed to lead the aspiring manager into the essential management skills required today for meeting...

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Coast Guard

What is Coast Guard ?

Coast Guard authorities recently detained a North Korean ship after it dropped anchor off the Andaman and Nicobar Islands without permission. Claims made by the crew members on their entry to different international ports did not corroborate when their passports and other documents were checked.

A 29-year-old Russian crew member, who was bleeding profusely following a finger injury, was successfully evacuated from the reefer vessel, by the Coast Guard stationed at Kochi. The vessel, on its way to Sharjah from the Philippines, was about 65 km from south west of Kochi at the time the message was received, Coastguard vessel ‘Lakshmibhai’ was immediately pressed into service and a tug was also hired from Cochin port with the requisite medical team. The Russian vessel arrived near the Kochi coast at 2130 hrs and the crew member was evacuated at around 2230 hrs.

India has 2.01 million sq km of sea area in which she has the exclusive rights for exploration and exploitation of resources, both living and non-living at sea. The Coast Guard is...

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Marine Biology

What is Marine Biology ?

Do you want to share the wonders of the ocean realm with fascinating facts and captivating photos of marine life, which will help spread awareness about the urgent need for marine conservation ? Are you committed to the exploration of the oceans and conservation of marine life ? Do you enjoy studying Botany and Zoology and would like to undertake indepth study of a specialised field like Marine Biology ? Then read ahead …..

The ocean gives us life. It gives us oxygen, the rain, food, excitement, wonder, and mystery. The ocean buffers the weather and helpsregulate global temperature, manages vast amounts of our pollutants, contains all kinds of amazing creatures, and supports all life on our planet. However the ocean is now beginning to be understood. Marine conservation efforts are outnumbered by the problems.

Marine Biology is the scientific study of animals, plants and other organisms that live in the ocean. About 71% of the surface of this planet is covered by salt water. Since life exists throughout this immense volume, the oceans constitute...

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Merchant Navy

What is Merchant Navy ?

You have studied Physics, Chemistry and Maths at the Plus Two level, are interested in engineering, are self-reliant with the spirit for adventure, desire to see the world and want to earn big bucks  – Merchant Navy is a career you can pursue.

The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet comprising passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, ore carriers and other types of specialised ships for efficient transport by sea. These ships are operated by public and private sector shipping companies and manned by trained navigators, marine engineers and crew. The Merchant Navy has two specialized fields, i.e. Marine Engineering and Nautical. A career in the Merchant Navy which was earlier a male preserve can today be pursued by women as well.

What do I have to do ?

A ship in the merchant navy has been described as a floating village generating its own life support system. The three main divisions are Deck, Engine and Service departments. The Deck Department takes care of the...

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Nautical Sciences

What is Nautical Sciences ?

Are you up to the task of commanding merchant ships? Do you want to be the captain of your own destiny ? As you prepare for this challenging career, you will study subjects related to navigation and seamanship, law and human resources. You will learn about how the latest satellite technology is used to find a ship’s position and how this is cross checked by more traditional methods to ensure safe navigation. You will study issues relating to the carriage of cargoes, consumer goods in containers, vehicles on the car decks, passengers on their sun decks – all these rely on expertise and professionalism to bring them safely to port.

The curriculum equips you with an understanding of a ship as a system, its equipment and operation. Included in the core curriculum are theoretical and practical education in navigation, ship-handling, seamanship, communications, marine safety, navigational aids and maritime regulations. Another essential feature of  Nautical Sciences is that it integrates many facets of marine transportation. Also covered are general and transport economics, international laws, logistics management, naval architecture, marine...

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Naval Architecture

What is Naval Architecture ?

Advanced hydrodynamics, computer aided design, low observables technology, propulsor design, pollution control systems and specialized structural and hull form design … this is not a missile but a ship in the making ! If you are interested in all of this, then naval architecture can be an exciting field.

To design a ship is an extremely challenging but immensely interesting task. An undergraduate education in naval architecture will provide you the tools to begin pursuing this challenging field. Naval Architecture involves the application of engineering principles to the ocean environment.


What do I have to do ?

Naval architects are responsible for the design, development, construction and repair of surface and underwater vessels and operating systems. These include civil and military vessels (eg, merchant ships and warships); submarines; high speed craft (eg, hovercraft); yachts; recreational craft; offshore drilling platforms and other marine structures. They have to safely and efficiently move a variety of cargoes across the world’s oceans (cruise liners, tankers...

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