Computer Design and Animations

Web Design

What is Web Design ?

Do you need a well defined, mind blowing web presence ? Or change your exsiting site into an exciting multimedia experience ? Web designers can do just that for you. Designing for the web means designing in sync with the way people actually use the web. Web Designing is, a cocktail of creative skills and technical prowess. The basics consist of the aesthetic and professional appearance of the web pages. Web designers create graphic images first and then arrange them onto the web page.

A website should be genuinely useful to your target audience, meeting their needs and expectations without being too hard to use. Due to the rapid development of the Internet, new aspects are continually being added.

What do I have to do ?

Web designers create the graphics for websites. At the designing stage the website acquires its look and feel, as the page grid, page design, and overall graphic design standards are created and approved. The illustrations, photography, and other graphic or audiovisual content...

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What is it Multimedia ?

Have you seen “Jaadu” display his jaadu in the recent hit film Koi Mil Gaya ? Or the strange characters in Lord of the Rings ? Or the dinosaurs in  Jurassic Park ? Films such as these have made use of vivid imagery to have the desired impact on the audience.

Multimedia is an integration of Information Technology, Design, Visuals and Communication. It is a tool which gives various communications media their cutting edge making possible the creation of graphics, animations, text, sound and other special effects. Thus the content we see, in the forms of films, commercials, radio and television programmes becomes much more colourful and effective.


You should have a flair for expressing your ideas through sound, colour and animation. Multimedia can offer an exciting and rewarding career and its related industries have grown exponentially. Market estimates suggest that though the Indian export market of animation in the past two years was worth $ 5 million, it could touch $ 50 million this year itself. Its application across business, education, entertainment...

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Graphic Design

hat is Graphic Design ?

“Attractive hoardings, colourful banners, striking posters, creative mailers etc. really appealed to me from the very beginning. It was only after getting into theArtsCollegethat I got to know the true meaning of Aesthetics. Art and Aesthetics go hand in hand. It is a lovely feeling to express one’s hidden  talents through graphic designs, and I have been quite successful at expressing  myself  till date. After stepping into the market I  realized  the  vastness of this field. So, if you are creative, and have an urge of expressing yourself through graphic designs, welcome to this fascinating world !” says a Graphic Designer, who on completing her degree in Commercial Art, joined an advertising agency. 

Graphic design primarily aims at communicating information through the medium of print, drawings, patterns, photography or a combination of these on a flat surface (i.e. two dimensional). It covers a broad spectrum of specialisation. An important one is Typography which is an essential aspect of all fields of graphic design. It consists of meaningful applications of printing and non printing surfaces...

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Game Development

What is Game Development ?

Do you possess an absolute passion for digital games? Do you want to be the first to play these games before they are released in the shops? Do you enjoy the challenge of mastering your scores each time ? Do the more interactive and complex games excite you ? A love of games is an advantage in an industry whose stock and trade is fun and fantasy.

There are games for every taste: sports, action, adventure, strategy, and education. Games are made for personal computers, consoles, arcades, and the Internet and add excitement to some websites and electronic organizers.

Video, computer and mobile games are among the most complex forms of interactive media. Games simulate many elements of traditional media, such as plot, characters, sound and music, lighting and theatre. However, games are digital artifacts played through graphic interfaces and controllers. As interactive experiences, games are a host of player challenges ranging from more deliberate decision-making and problem solving strategies, to the immediate charge of reflex action. Games, thus, draw upon a unique mix of player resources and...

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