Performing Arts


What is Choreography ?

The choreography in Salaam Namaste, Bunty and Babli, Dhoom and Lakshya made these films “rock” all the way to becoming hits. How many of us while listening to music tend to visualize the dance movement and would like to make a career of it ?

Indian choreographer Shiamak Davar had people dancing to his tunes by the end of his first musical show at Durban in August this year. Shiamak’s “Spirit of Dance”, performed at the International Convention Centre was a spectacular symphony of sound, colour and light with the dancers proving the show was all about timing, colourful costumes and fancy footwork.

Choreography promotes the expression of ideas through dance, movement languages and compositional forms on the body and between bodies. A choreographer makes a dance based on music or a synopsis (a writing of what occurs in the dance).

Choreographers must have knowledge of all of the different types of dance. Good choreographers “can see” the dance in their head as soon as they hear the music.

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Fashion Choreography

What is Fashion Choreography ?

If you want the glam look at a fashion show, how about integrating a choreography to highlight the clothes/ costumes on display ? This not only draws attention to the clothes the model is presenting but adds appeal to the show.

Fashion choreography is not about dance but about the perfect catwalk. The main duty of a Fashion choreographer is to train models to walk on the ramp with music in an appealing manner. Fashion festivals like the Lakme Fashion week take the expert help of Fashion Choreographers to make a lasting impression on the current fashion scene.


What do I have to do ?

Fashion choreographers teach the models to walk along with the music that is to be played for a fashion show or an event, in a way that not only looks aesthetically appealing but also glamorous and chic. It should not distract audiences from the clothes or accessory that is being displayed. Basically, the models and their movements...

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The Work

Music is a performing art in which the musician communicates with the audience. There are roughly three areas of music within which are many other sub-divisions  :

Classical Music
Popular Music
Instrumental Music

These categories  contain a variety of  music related professions  :

Music Composer/Director :
Creates and  writes  popular  songs and sets them to music.

Orchestra  Conductor :
Directs  orchestra, chorus or other musical  performances.

Singers :
Sing  alone or  in a group, with or without musical accompaniment.

Instrument Players :
There are various instruments eg.Veena /Sarod /Sitar/Tabla /Sarangi / Santoor /Shehnai which are played by such artists. They can play either solo or as accompaniment to a vocal singer.

Work Environment

Performance  venues  range  from   concert  halls,  theatres  and cultural centres, clubs and schools. Some recording  studios have very  little natural light and...

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Performing Arts

What is Performing Arts ?

Need a live band, percussionist or original performing artist for your next event? Or maybe a comedian, circus artist or fire twirler. You can hire a performing artist to liven up your next corporate event, or connect with actors, theatre artists and singers and make your production a memorable event.

Theater and dance are two of the world’s major performing arts. And both have a deeper, more therapeutic and psychological impact than was first highlighted in the ancient texts of Bharat Muni’s Natya Shastra and Aristotle’s Poetics. Theater is as old as civilization and is found in all cultures. In fact, the roots of drama are religious. It was a sacred part of community life, and their entire belief system.

Performing arts include acrobatics, comedy, dance, magic, music, opera, film, juggling, marching arts, such as brass bands, and theatre. Artists who participate in these arts in front of an audience are called performers, including actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and singers. Performing arts are also supported by workers in related fields, such as Please register yourself and buy our Website Membership to view full content for lifetime.