What is Photography ?

“For the camera, the creative moment is brief–a compelling, ephemeral collision of event and artist…”. Ken Ruth.  At the heart of all photography is an urge to express our deepest personal feelings – to reveal our inner, hidden selves, to unlock the artist. Photography is an art that allows us to freeze time, capture memories forever, enhance beauty and spread information.

With the enormous expansion of the communication network and media, photography has grown from being just a hobby to a full-fledged profession of great commercial value and feasibility. Newspapers, educational books and journals, magazines, research and even the Internet would be highly uninteresting without the bright, informative, eye-catching photographs. It is a unique and fulfilling career option today for those with a talent and passion for photography. 

What do I have to do ?
Depending on your interests, you can choose to specialise in any of the following areas:

  • Portrait Work – where the photographs of individuals, families, groups, pets, children are taken. This work can be done in a particular studio with different backgrounds so that the lighting can be adjusted or on location...

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What is Wildlife photography ?

Photographing wildlife in their natural habitat provides an exciting glimpse into the fascinating world of nature and wildlife. Wildlife photography is regarded as being one of the more challenging forms of photography.

Wildlife is usually difficult to approach, hence a knowledge of the animal’s behaviour is needed in order to be able to predict actions as well as the ability to stalk animals. You may require to camouflage yourself as these conceal the photographer.

Wildlife photography instills in others a greater sense of appreciation for our natural heritage and an understanding of animal behaviour.

Passion is the key. I love being outdoors among wildlife. I love seeing and ‘feeling’ the beauty around me. There is nothing I like better than capturing what I love on film to share with others in the hope of instilling the same appreciation for wildlife and nature.” says a wildlife photographer.


What do I have to do ?


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