What is Agriculture Retail ?

Come and pick up any fresh fruit, vegetable, or agro quality product of your choice at competitive rates, have an enjoyable time shopping in an air-conditioned market and experience this revolutionary field of agricultural retail, where the entire mandi is at your doorstep.

Retail companies pick up produce from the farmers, store them in warehouses and transport them directly to their retail outlets, thus eliminating the middlemen in this process.

The concept of Agriculture Retail across India is heralding the country’s latest “Green Revolution”. 14 states, including Maharashtra, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan amended the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act this year, which allows farmers to sell their produce directly to buyers offering them the best price. Agricultural sectors such as horticulture, floriculture, development of seeds, animal husbandry, pisciculture, aqua culture, cultivation of vegetables, mushroom under cultivated conditions and services related to agro and allied sectors are open to 100 per cent Foreign Direct Investment.

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