Chartered Accountancy

With the emergence of a global economy, financial services concerned with the management of money have expanded rapidly. A career in Accountancy encompasses the entire spectrum of commercial activity as well as government services. There is an anecdote which in a lighter vein illustrates the versatility of accounting professionals. A selection board interviewing candidates for a finance position asked them to give the sum total of two plus two. Nearly all of them came up with the obvious answer of four. The exception was the Chartered Accountant who asked “what is the total you want?” Jokes apart, remember that integrity along with a high degree of competency will contribute to your success. Chartered Accountancy is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding profession at the cutting edge of trade, industry and economic growth. CA professionals apply their technical skills in financial and management areas.

Financial Services concerned with the management of money have witnessed considerable expansion in recent years. It is estimated that India is short by 10,000 to 15,000 Chartered Accountants. According to Madhu K. Batra, F. C. A., “Chartered Accountancy still maintains...

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Forensic Accounting

What is Forensic Accounting ?

Forensic Accounting is more than just accounting…more than just detective work ! Forensic accounting is the practice of utilizing accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to assist in legal matters. Forensic Accountants are trained to look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of fraud. Thus it is mainly used to identify malpractices in a company’s accounts. Enron and Satyam frauds are good examples. Moreover, since 9/11 Forensic Accountants have also been playing a major role in tracing terrorists around the world !

What do I have to do?

It encompasses 2 main areas – litigation support, investigation and dispute resolution. Litigation support represents the factual presentation of financial issues related to existing or pending litigation. In this capacity, the forensic accounting professional quantifies damages sustained by parties involved in legal disputes and can assist in resolving disputes, even before they reach the courtroom. If a dispute reaches the courtroom, the forensic accountant may testify as an expert witness.

Investigation is the act of determining...

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About the Common Proficiency Test

The Common Proficiency Test (CPT) is an entry level examination for admission to the Chartered Accountancy course. A student who has passed Class 10 can register for the CPT course by filling in the prescribed registration form along with the requisite fee. A student who has passed higher qualifications than the 10th class such as B.Com, M.Com, LL.B., ICWA, CS, MBA is also, in the first instance, to appear and pass CPT Examination to join the Chartered Accountancy Course.


(i)You should have passed the Senior Secondary Examination (10+2 examination) or its equivalent or must have appeared in the Senior Secondary Examination (10+2 examination) or its equivalent from a recognized Institution, and
(ii) Registered for the CPT Course with the Board of Studies of ICAI, 2 months before the exam.

How do I apply for CPT ?

For the Paper Pencil mode

The Application and Information Brochure, may be obtained from the Additional Secretary (Examinations), The...

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What is Cost and Works Accountancy ?

According to a Cost and Works Accountant “In the present era of cut throat competition, where market dominance is the key to success, where our industries have to compete with the global giants, and when the world is gradually turning into a global village, profitability has to be maintained through decreased costs. Efficiency at all levels is required, hence the importance of Costing and Cost Accounting”.

Whereas in Chartered Accountancy, one studies all aspects of accounting, Cost and Management Accountants specialize in accounting for costs. While financial audits and tax audits are only performed by Chartered Accountants, both Chartered Accountants and Cost Accountants are authorized by law to perform cost audits. You must have an analytical and logical mind along with an ability to work with figures quickly and accurately. You should have a command over the language in order to present complex financial details simply and clearly to non-specialists. In addition to this, it is essential to interact effectively with clients and colleagues.

What do I have to do ?


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What is Chartered Financial Analyst ?

If you’re interested in portfolio management, investment research, advisory services, or investment banking, this may be the right career for you. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program is a globally recognized standard for measuring the competence and integrity of financial analysts. The examination measures your ability to apply the fundamental knowledge of investment principles at a professional level. One of the objectives is to deepen insights into practical applications of financial analysis in a dynamic business environment.

The core body of knowledge of the CFA Programme includes current and evolving concepts, techniques and applications, and also providing the flavour of the frontiers of knowledge. The CFA Programme has five focus areas:
Financial Markets, Analysis and Valuation, Portfolio Management, Mutual and other Funds and Code of Ethics.

Financial analysts enjoy the challenge of helping firms or people make financial decisions. They are responsible for financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, supporting the launch of new initiatives and taking a leadership role in defining new financial and operational processes. Financial analysts may have to travel frequently to visit companies and talk to potential...

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