T.S. Chanakya, Mumbai
B.Sc in Nautical Science

Address : T. S. Chanakya, Karave, Nerul, Navi Mumbai – 400 706.

E-mail : tschanakya@hotmail.com

Website : www.dgshipping.com

About the Institute

Located on India’s West coast near Mumbai, the Training Ship Chanakya is a shore-based academy managed and maintained by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Surface Transport through the Directorate General of Shipping. Here the officer cadets are prepared for the navigation discipline i.e. Master, Chief Officer, Second Officer etc. The cadets who successfully complete training at this Institute are eligible for taking up jobs not only on board Indian ships but also on foreign vessels. Trained Indian Merchant Navy officers are in great demand the world over, for their proficiency, expertise and dedication to their profession. The Nautical Training imparted in this Institution is of a very high quality and in accordance with the standards and norms laid down by international bodies like the International Maritime Organisation. Good hostel facilities with all necessary services are made available. Hostel facilities for women are also provided.

The syllabus of the training is drawn with a view to give a broad based marine education with special emphasis on fundamentals of basic marine professional subjects and their application. The educational and training programme here is designed to inculcate officer like qualities and a high sense of discipline in the cadets. Physical training is an essential part of the curriculum to keep the young persons fit for the tough and adventurous career at sea. It is compulsory for all cadets to pass the swimming test before passing out from this institution.

T.S. Chanakya and MERI do not guarantee placement but provide assistance and graduates have no problem in finding employment as campus interviews are held regularly.

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