The ICS Experience

About Educational and Career Counselling

Every year we wonder how the programme can get better because the standard in the first year itself was so high. However, year after year you have come up with something innovative and refreshing, which has contributed to the success of the programme. Our pupils and innumerable happy parents have all benefited from your professionalism and expertise. I have received tremendous positive feedback from parents.”

Darryl Bloud
Dubai Modern High School, Dubai

The feedback of the students is very encouraging and is indicative of the benefit that they have received from this programme. The response from the parents has also been overwhelming. Thank you once again for your valuable contribution.”

Jyotsna Brar,
Welham Girls’ School- Dehradun

“I would like you to know how much I appreciate your support and your encouragement of the boys of the school.”

John Mason,
Former Headmaster,
The Doon School, Dehradun

Thank you for the wonderful insights and exposure you gave our students. I found the whole experience phenomenal for our children and I truly admired the way you interacted with the parents. There is so much to learn from you. I wish you and your team all the best and hope we will continue to engage with you and strengthen our association over the years”

Mrs. Anjana Saha
Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata

About Training Programmes and seminars

“My whole ‘mindset’ has changed”!

Ms. Bilquis Dada
Chittagong Grammar School
Chittagong (Bangladesh)

I came back with my energies recharged and the founts of my knowledge replenished.”

“The problem with most of the conferences I’ve attended this far is communication. There is too much of communication and we are left befuddled. But not so with this Conclave. It made us listen to the voice in our hearts instead of the voices in our head; instead of leaving us in an ocean of knowledge it just increased the shoreline of our wonder and curiosity. The rest as they say is up to us!”

Ms. Jayshree Periwal
Step By Step High School
Jaipur (India)

Any opportunity to meet and interact with people from one’s own field is an enriching experience. Especially if they come from different places and different backgrounds. Almost all the participating principals came from good schools and with wide and rich experience. It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of such a Conclave. Organizing a major event like this is never easy. Please accept my congratulations and gratitude for taking this initiative.”

Mr. Aziz Akhtar
Executive Principal
Our Own Indian School
Dubai (UAE)

The whole experience was most enriching. The ICS and S.P. Jain partnership turned out to be extremely effective. All the modules- without exception – were of value and the congregation of so many school heads was in itself rewarding for us all. Needless to say your planning and organisation were impeccable. May be you could start planning another one with representatives from the other continents as well-not excluding the eighth one!”

Mrs. Devi Kar
Modern High School For Girls
Kolkata( India)

Thank you very much for conducting the ‘Career’ and ‘Parents’ Workshops in our school this year. We deeply appreciate the care and commitment with which you conduct these workshops.

T. H. Ireland
St.James School
Kolkata (India)

The workshops (Strategic Leadership for Principals of CBSE Schools) conducted by you  in the past have been highly appreciated, and  would really like to benefit further from your expertise.

Rajiv K. Srivastava
Indian Institute of Management

I convey my sincere thanks to you and your team for conducting an inspirational session of Career Counselling for our students.
It was a successful informative interactive and participatory session
The feedback of the parents and students as cent percent positive. The session was much admired by them. .”

Dr. Prerna Mitra
Army Public School, SP Marg,