Cyber Law

What is Cyber Law ?

A recent conviction of a call centre employee by a Delhi court is being described as one of the first convictions for cyber crime in India. A local court in Delhi convicted Asif Azim, a Noida-based call centre employee, for using an American citizen’s credit card to make online purchase from Sony. This 24-year old engineer smooth-talked a client, Barbara Campa, at his call centre, to reveal her credit card number and key details on the pretext of setting right her billing records. Using this information, the call centre executive made nearly $ 575 worth of purchases from a Sony portal for NRIs. Barbara was shocked to get the bill and predictably, refused to pay, saying she hadn’t authorised the transaction. Sony then lodged a complaint and the CBI officials traced Azim through the call centre’s IP address. After a seven-month trial, Azim confessed.

Web hacking, Email hacking, Spoofing attacks, Cyber sabotage, Online financial fraud, tracking the author of malicious code, tracking a terrorist, Online lottery fraud ……along with the explosive growth of the...

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