About Biotechnology

We are twice the tiny fruit fly and a little different from a mouse. This is no joke! Scientists have unveiled the map of the human genome for the first time. This recent milestone which exceeds our wildest expectations has the potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine. Knowing the human genetic makeup will result in preventive treatments and medicines tailored for each individual.

We have heard of designer apparel but this is also the age of designer seeds!

Undoubtedly, the potential of Biotechnology is unimaginable.  The 21st Century is the century of Bio Sciences.

What is it about?

Biotechnology is the industrial use of micro-organisms and living plant and animal cells to produce substances or effects beneficial to people. It is a research oriented field for application in various areas such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and environment. Being an interdisciplinary science it encompasses not only biology, but also other subjects including physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering. Its use and application ranges from fields...

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