Animal Psychiatry / Behaviour

What is Animal Psychiatry ?

Does your dog jump all over you, block your way and sometimes bite visitors? Do you have a behavior problem with your dog, cat or other pet? Confused about what to do because you’ve received conflicting information? An Animal Psychiatrist / Behaviorist should be your first resource. After your pet has been examined by your veterinarian, an animal Psychiatrist helps you find the best solution for you and your dog, cat, or other species of pet.

In the old days, he would simply have been called naughty. Today, he could be diagnosed as suffering from a “hierarchy-related disorder” and be prescribed tranquillizers and therapy. It is no longer just crazy millionaires, but ordinary people who take pets to behaviour specialists. Dejected dogs are prescribed Prozac anti-depressants or generic equivalents and tranquillizers designed specially for them. Cats which suffer from “territorial disorders” after moving house are given therapy by reducing the anxiety-producing new territory to a small room. Pet psychologists even treat jealous parrots and lovebirds which fall in love with their owners !

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