Central Board of Secondary Education

The CBSE today has over 6700 affiliated schools and operates in about 20 countries. For administrative purposes it is organized as several regional offices.


Each Regional office will become a hub for the prospective and affiliated schools in the region. One of the important objectives will be to overcome barriers for access and equity.

With India rapidly emerging as a global leader in IT-enabled services, the CBSE, too, has geared up to provide cutting-edge technologies to all educational institutions seeking affiliation/upgradation. The implementation of the School Affiliation Interactive System (SAIS) is a key step in this direction.

Schools fulfilling the affiliation criteria may now fill up an electronic form and apply online that would help them do away with much of the time-consuming paperwork. Undoubtedly, it is the easiest and the fastest method of application, requiring minimal efforts. Those seeking affiliation with the Board may also look for relevant information posted on the website or e-mail their queries to the authorities concerned.

The facility also spells of...

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