Child Psychology

What is Child Psychology ?

“I have an 8 year old boy, who refuses to do anything on his own, which includes almost everything he has to do in a day. This has ended up getting us very frustrated with him. Our whole day is a big chore in waking him up, sending him to school, doing homework, dinner, bath. Just about everything is a big task with him as he will not do it himself or even after being told 50 times. How can we solve this behaviour issue. Who do we take him to ? Does he need medical attention or counselling…..I need some help here” says a frustrated parent.

There may be certain things you say and do as a well meaning parent, which causes your child to feel bad about himself through no fault of your own. 8 year old Aryan would flare up every time his parents asked him to clean up his room, because he was compounded with a feeling of guilt that he hadn’t yet cleaned it up, a feeling of inadequacy for being unable...

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