Clinical Psychology

Many people have problems in the world and sometimes, these problems become too much to handle. They seek out help and look for someone to talk to. A Counselling psychologist is the ideal professional to turn to for help in times of personal crisis. Like other practices of Psychology, Counselling psychology aims to determine the causes, find prevention methods, come up with the prognosis and diagnosis of the patient, and possible treatment to improve the lives of their client.

Counselling psychology is a branch of applied psychology concerned with the integration of psychological principles and therapeutic processes. It adopts a reflective practitioner approach combining understanding both from formal psychological enquiry and from the interpersonal relationship between practitioner and client.

Counselling psychology as a psychological specialty facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across one’s life span with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental, and organizational concerns. Through the integration of theory, research, and practice, and with a sensitivity to multicultural issues, this specialty encompasses a broad range of practices that help people improve their well-being, alleviate distress and...

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