Coast Guard

What is Coast Guard?

Coast Guard authorities recently detained a North Korean ship after it dropped anchor off the Andaman and Nicobar Islands without permission. Claims made by the crew members on their entry to different international ports did not corroborate when their passports and other documents were checked.

A 29-year-old Russian crew member, who was bleeding profusely following a finger injury, was successfully evacuated from the reefer vessel, by the Coast Guard stationed at Kochi. The vessel, on its way to Sharjah from the Philippines, was about 65 km from south west of Kochi at the time the message was received, Coastguard vessel ‘Lakshmibhai’ was immediately pressed into service and a tug was also hired from Cochin port with the requisite medical team. The Russian vessel arrived near the Kochi coast at 2130 hrs and the crew member was evacuated at around 2230 hrs.

India has 2.01 million sq km of sea area in which she has the exclusive rights for exploration and exploitation of resources, both living and non-living at sea. The Coast Guard is...

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