Environment Management

What is Environment Management ?

Xerox Corporation posed a problem with the huge amount of waste they generated from plastic and paper. With the help of environment management consultancy, Xerox implemented a plastic recycling program. High grade plastic panels from returned Xerox products are collected, sorted, disassembled and ground for reprocessing. The plastic is then used to manufacture Xerox products or is sold on the open market. The programme has already diverted 250 tons of plastic from a landfill and 500 tons diverted with $100,000 in savings to Xerox. Site recycling programmes, including the conversion of solid waste to useable energy through incineration, saved Xerox over $12 million in 1995.


The environment is no longer just the air we breath, or the world we live in, it has become a requirement for businesses to address the environment in order to maintain customers, and exist in an ever more critical global economy.

Environmental management systems can assist an organisation to meet its increasingly heavy burden of responsibility for the future condition of our world environment..

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