Environmental Biotechnology

What is Environmental Biotechnology ?

The 21st Century is the century of Bio Sciences. Environmental biotechnology has become an area of extensive work due to the dangers brought about by increasing levels of environmental pollution. Already Environmental Biotechnology has made a significant impact in many areas from protection and remediation of the environment, detection and monitoring of pollutants to process innovation and new biomaterial development such as biodegradable plastics. Thus it is not only helping to clear up the mess we make but also prevent them!

As the work is largely related to scientific research, it is important to have a good academic background in science. A high level of intelligence with a scientific bent of mind, determination, perseverance, imagination, innovative approach, ability to work for long hours, originality, team spirit are some  essential attributes for becoming a successful biotechnologist.

This fundamental new research revolutionizes the ability to dissect, monitor and control processes at the molecular level to achieve real-time information and computational analysis in complex bio-environmental systems.

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