Environmental Science

What is Environmental Science ?

Environmental Science is the study of the inter-relationships between human activities and the environment. It examines the effects of human actions on the environment, and the means by which policies, regulations, and decisions influence human actions. Environmental scientists also examine cultural and sociological interactions that affect the environment. It includes fields such as air and water quality, conservation biology, agro-ecology, public health, environmental engineering, forestry, and fisheries.

Resource management and resource technology are significant features of environmental science.

Environmental science can be applied in the following fields:
• Industry
• Research and Development
• Social Development
• Environmental Journalism
• Environmental Modeling

An environmental scientist’s job is to utilize the knowledge of various principles and concepts of science and engineering disciplines, in order to protect and preserve the environment. Environmental scientists also conduct research studies to develop theories or methods of abating and controlling the sources of environmental pollution. The major tasks performed by environmental scientists consist mainly of proactive and research-oriented work.

For a B.Sc in Environmental Science, you should have passed your Plus Two with Science subjects. For the M.Sc. programme, you should have a bachelor&rsquo..

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