For class X

Our comprehensive programme encompasses the following process:

  • Holistic profiling of the students based on the following:
    • Career aptitude related battery of tests (level 2)
    • Interest inventory (level 2)
    • Self-Introspective exercises
    • School performance – academic and co-curricular
  • Interactive Seminar and multimedia presentation on:
    • Different subject combinations and their scope in today’s context wherein most careers can be accessed from any subject combination
    • Educational and Career Choices – the concept of a career portfolio that integrates one’s core strengths and talents
  • Individual Educational and Career Counselling
  • Seminar for parents on their crucial role in empowering their children
  • Detailed report for each student:
    The report highlights the aptitudes and interests as well as the recommended careers.
    • Ongoing follow - up and value added services

NB: The students have the option of either attempting our battery of tests “online” or as a paper - pencil based exercise