Marine Biology

What is Marine Biology?

Do you want to share the wonders of the ocean realm with fascinating facts and captivating photos of marine life, which will help spread awareness about the urgent need for marine conservation ? Are you committed to the exploration of the oceans and conservation of marine life ? Do you enjoy studying Botany and Zoology and would like to undertake indepth study of a specialised field like Marine Biology ? Then read ahead …..

The ocean gives us life. It gives us oxygen, the rain, food, excitement, wonder, and mystery. The ocean buffers the weather and helps regulate global temperature, manages vast amounts of our pollutants, contains all kinds of amazing creatures, and supports all life on our planet. However the ocean is now beginning to be understood. Marine conservation efforts are outnumbered by the problems.

Marine Biology is the scientific study of animals, plants and other organisms that live in the ocean. About 71% of the surface of this planet is covered by salt water. Since life exists throughout this immense volume, the oceans constitute...

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