Media Management

What is Media Management?

If there is a story to tell, a fact to correct, a message to communicate, an image to project or protect, or an event to cover then media managers have the knowledge, capability and experience to achieve this with style. The media, in all its forms, is the method by which events reach mass audiences and sponsors communicate their messages. It is, therefore, one of the most critical components of marketing. The media industries are dominated by a number of large conglomerates whose interests and activities cut across many individual market segments such as publishing, audiovisual (TV and radio), film, sound recordings, and the Internet.

Modern media management is about applying the same skills, disciplines and practices, which are accepted as ‘best practice’ in industry and commerce, to the business of communications with and through the media. The activities range from the basics of establishing and running a press office for an event or sponsor, to the complexities of international media rights and the design and delivery of facilities and operations for a global circumnavigation event (travel all...

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