What is it Multimedia?
Have you seen “Jaadu” display his jaadu in the hit film Koi Mil Gaya ? Or the strange characters in Lord of the Rings and Alice in Wonderland ? Or the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park ? Films such as these have made use of vivid imagery to have the desired impact on the audience.

Multimedia is an integration of Information Technology, Design, Visuals and Communication. It is a tool which gives various communications media their cutting edge making possible the creation of graphics, animations, text, sound and other special effects. Thus the content we see, in the forms of films, commercials, radio and television programmes, DVDs, and videos, becomes much more colourful and effective.

You should have a flair for expressing your ideas through sound, colour and animation. Multimedia can offer an exciting and rewarding career and its related industries have grown exponentially. Market estimates suggest that though the Indian export market of animation in the past two years was worth $ 5 million, it could touch $ 50 million this year itself. Its application across business, education, entertainment, information, etc. make daily routines and work processes much more lively and welcoming than before...

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