Port Management

What is Port Management?

Imagine a busy seaport terminal. Container ships are carrying steel, automobiles, computer products, food items, and apparel. Several cranes lift the heavy containers into the ship. The logistics are important. There are about 10 loading bays. Seaport workers load the vessel and maintain tight control over inventories and scan individual containers for radiation, ensuring that no unauthorized material leaves the docks.

Ports are the conduits for trade and are vital in any nation that depends on shipping for importing and exporting cargoes and passengers. To the uninitiated, ports may appear to be old fashioned institutions of a bygone era, whereas they are dynamic facilities constantly seeking to meet the changing demands in world trade. Managing ports today is a highly complex business and involves a wide range of skills including material handling; road transport; storage; safe ship operations; health and safety as well as the immense responsibility for the protection of the local environment.

The core modules of Port Management are designed to lead the aspiring manager into the essential management skills required today for meeting...

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